The Desert in Bloom

Allergies aside, spring is my favorite time in the desert. The trees and cactus are in bloom, and everywhere you look colors are popping out of the sea of green. It really is the most beautiful time in the desert.

I went hiking in Saguaro National Park last weekend to capture some of the beauty that is the desert in bloom. Enjoy!

Staghorn Cholla – in red, orange, yellow, and purple! It’s a cactus rainbow.

IMG_2613IMG_2622IMG_2619 IMG_2681 IMG_2618IMG_2686

Chain Fruit Cholla



Saguaro Cactus

IMG_2641 IMG_2611 IMG_2660

Prickly Pear Cactus

IMG_2689 IMG_2677 IMG_2653 IMG_2691

The yellow that you see is the Palo Verde trees in bloom. This time of year they are covered in gorgeous yellow flowers.

IMG_2676 IMG_2621

If you ever get the chance to visit the desert during the spring I would recommend doing so. Cactus flowers are my favorite. The colors are so vibrant and the flowers are so delicate. It’s a pretty spectacular site.


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