How to Make Hobo Packs

Little Miss would like to contribute to the blog so I am starting a Kids Corner. This is her first post and all content and pictures are hers.  Without further ado, please welcome Little Miss to The Road We’ve Traveled! 

Hobo packs are delicious and easy to make while camping.

Step 1: Get your ingredients. We like to make hobo packs with chicken, bell peppers, potatoes, butter, and seasonings.


Step 2: Put ingredients on heavy duty tinfoil.


Step 3: Fold up food in tinfoil. Fold top together, then the sides. (Like in the pictures below.)


Step 4: Cook for 30 to 45 minutes over campfire. Make sure your coals are nice and warm!


Step 5: Carefully open tinfoil after cooking and let food cool down.


Step 6: Taste and love.


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